Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Population health is an all-encompassing program for healthcare organizations and it is important to treat it as a mindset or philosophy—not a project—to be internalized into daily workings and processes. Tackling such a large, complex program can be overwhelming.

Health Systems informatics (HSi) can help leadership develop a population health strategy along with its implementation and analysis, or provide expertise to support individual pieces within the overall strategy.

HSi is dedicated to delivering high quality consulting and support services that enable healthcare organizations to achieve their population health goals, including:

  • • Strategic Services
  • • Assessment & Prioritization
  • • Program Management
  • • Analytics Build & Testing

With more than two decades of consulting experience, HSi strives to stay ahead of the ever-changing healthcare market. Most hospitals are still in the early stages of leveraging healthcare IT and data to facilitate population health. HSi has partnered with some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the country to develop a proven methodology and tool set to ensure a successful population health program.

Our approach focuses on outcome-based deliverables tailored to organization specific initiatives and objectives. Building on the foundation of EHR population health and accountable care management framework, HSi’s Population Health Management Service empowers hospitals to develop and implement a unified vision for their organization. By leveraging best practices and advanced analytics, HSi helps hospital systems aggregate and segment population data, understand risk, make data-driven clinical decisions and proactively manage patient relationships and community integration.


Population health management is tied to an increasing number of government regulations and quality initiatives. Payment reform in healthcare and the shift to value-based care are prompting healthcare organizations to more intently manage the overall health of populations to reduce admissions, drive down cost and improve the health of the nation.

HSi ’s proven methodology—define, assess, implement and measure— allows hospitals to transform aggregate data into actionable knowledge to improve care coordination across the continuum, better navigate the transition to value-based care, and measure success.


Implementing a population health management strategy helps clinicians accomplish more of the recommended care steps for patients and meet requirements for reimbursement. With clinicians spending significant amount of time in an EHR system, integrating population health management tools into existing EHRs is a natural progression. EHR systems offer a suite of reports and dashboards to help hospitals assist, identify, engage and track patients.

HSi’s seasoned consultants provide expert guidance to ensure successful program development, adoption and outcomes:

  • • Strategic leadership to develop a strong population health infrastructure
  • • Assessment guidance to understand organizational readiness, including people, process and technology
  • • Program management to monitor progress and identify focus areas to drive value
  • • Advanced analytics expertise to gain data-driven insights to improve outcomes in quality, patient engagement, care coordination and fiscal responsibility

We are proud to help healthcare systems build and manage an effective population health management program—allowing them to achieve the highest standard of patient care, staff satisfaction and financial outcomes.

Population Health Management
Population Health Management Service Menu
  • Strategic Services (Define)
  • • Program Development
  • • Governance Structures
  • • Success Measures & Expected Outcomes (ROI/VOI)
  • Assessment & Prioritization (Assess)
  • • Readiness Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • • People, Process & Technology
  • Program Management (Implement)
  • • Certified Application Resources
  • • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse
  • Analytics Build & Testing (Measure)
  • • Quality Data Definition
  • • Report Development & Distribution
HSi understands every organization has a unique set of deliverables for their Population Health strategy—from desired outcomes and focus areas to drivers and geography. We partner with our clients to develop a program critical to their organizational success.
Paula Kyburz

Senior Project Director
Health System informatics

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