About HSi

We’ve built a long-standing relationship based on trust.

Formed in December 2011 by seasoned partners and leadership of the former HIA (established 1992), Health Systems informatics (HSi) is a healthcare consulting firm focused on delivering high-quality consulting and support services enabling healthcare organizations to select, implement, manage and optimize the right information technology applications and systems to yield and maintain best practices. Built on a foundation of robust, diverse, healthcare talent and a “clients as partners” business philosophy, HSi was created to provide value and support in today’s ever-changing healthcare market.

Recognizing the relationship with our clients as a cornerstone of our business, helping healthcare systems achieve their goals is one of our top priorities. To support that philosophy, the approach used by HSi is “focused yet flexible.” As changes occur through an engagement, some of which may impact scope, we are willing to change with it. Additionally, HSi acknowledges the success of our clients relies on HSi recruiting, hiring and retaining the best talent available, and matching those talents with clients’ specific skill set needs. Simply stated, listening and understanding the needs of the client, enables us to deliver:

⇒ The RIGHT resource(s)
⇒ At the RIGHT time
⇒ For the RIGHT project

As we are proud to be a 100% reference-able company, we know our consulting expertise ensures the right results, leaving our customers with the expertise to build upon the strong foundation cultivated by HSi.

About HSi
About HSi
About HSi

HSi’s Core Values are based on three pillars of commitment focusing on our relationship with: 1) our clients, 2) our team, and 3) our company. The pillars are applied to guidelines in our daily actions by taking responsibility for personal development and performance when working with clients; from inception to completion of any project.


HSi believes in partnering with our clients to recommend appropriate value-added strategies and solutions to meet the organization’s IT and operational requirements and project/program initiatives. HSi works with the best intentions and promotes honesty and fairness in action. Our belief in integrity and ethical dealing is routinely practiced and promoted. We mentor, train and impart our experience of best practices to our clients, allowing them to operate independently and achieve the highest return on their investment. Our goal is to provide maximum knowledge transfer, attesting to the successful completion of the job and fulfillment of role expectations.


HSi believes team commitment equates to communication with respect, knowledge and experience sharing and a collaborative solution-oriented methodology. We employ our word and take ownership in participating as an active team member utilizing the tools and resources provided to succeed. We share in our successes and grow and learn from our mistakes. Practicing our commitment to one another, harvests a cohesive, energetic and disciplined team environment.


HSi believes cultivating a reputation, the highest professional standards and adherence to a common methodology provide the building blocks toward achievement of Company commitment. Representing ourselves and our team with professionalism, being attentive to our clients’ needs and performing to meet and exceed expectations is a mantra to which HSi adheres. We take pride in our work and strive to deliver excellence with uncompromised integrity. Accountability in managing Company money judiciously to offer competitive rates to our clients is of paramount importance.


HSi’s mission is to provide excellence in service and consistently exceed client expectations as we partner with healthcare organizations and providers empowering them to achieve excellence through adoption of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and achieving Meaningful Use attestation. Our client relationships are the foundation of our business. Our consulting expertise ensures we are delivering the right results. Our goal is to provide superior service, leaving our customers with the expertise to build upon the strong foundation cultivated by HSi.


HSi cultivates their Senior Consultants with industry leading compensation, bonuses, and an opportunity to work with World Class clientele that is 100% reference-able. Senior Consultants will enjoy working in an environment where new contract opportunities also come with seasoned mentors who will provide elbow to elbow support for them with HSi’s new Mentor Program. Professional development is a high priority with HSi, and we compensate for relative certifications or credentialing. With an exclusive healthcare focus and a highly-seasoned management team, expect to serve the mid to large healthcare provider sector in a family oriented company environment. With this characteristic, HSi nurtures Senior Consultants with personable and realistic management direction, an open-door policy to Senior Management, and a yearly company meeting where spouses and or partners are encouraged to join their Senior Consultant.

HSi is powered by our core values of integrity, relationships and quality.


We do the right thing at all times. HSi strives to create a transparent environment of open, truthful communication with our employees and our clients. We honor our commitments.

HSi is powered by our core values of integrity, relationships and quality.


Our employees and our clients are treated with honesty and respect. We build and maintain relationships by taking the time to listen and really understand what our employees and clients are saying.

HSi is powered by our core values of integrity, relationships and quality.


We take pride in our work and strive to deliver excellence and perform to meet and exceed expectations. 100% reference-able clients is a mindset that permeates our entire organization.