About HSi

About HSi

About HSi
Our Vision

HSi strives to be the healthcare consulting firm delivering the highest value to its customers. Recognized for its talented resources, stellar customer service and high-quality advisory services and solutions, HSi will redefine the expectations of healthcare consulting in achievement of extraordinary and sustainable results supporting emerging healthcare needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to DELIVER high-quality advisory services and solutions across the healthcare continuum of care to ACHIEVE and SUSTAIN extraordinary results while TRANSFERRING KNOWLEDGE for our clients’ long-term success.

HSi is powered by our core values of integrity, relationships and quality.


We take pride in our work and strive to deliver excellence and perform to meet and exceed expectations.


We do the right thing at all times. HSi strives to create a transparent environment of open, truthful communication with our employees and our clients. We honor our commitments.


Our employees and our clients are treated with honesty and respect. We build and maintain relationships by taking time to listen and really understand what our employees and clients are saying.

Relationships and Resources for Now and the Future

HSi recognizes the trust relationship with our clients is a cornerstone of our business. Helping healthcare organizations achieve immediate goals is a top priority. Utilizing a “focused yet flexible” approach to every engagement, HSi works with our clients to accomplish long-range strategies providing indispensable value-add.  As inevitable change occurs throughout the duration of a project or as new programs are envisioned, we adjust and grow with you. Listening and understanding the needs of our clients enables HSi to deliver the RIGHT resource(s), at the RIGHT time and for the RIGHT project and reason.

Three Pillars of Commitment

HSi’s Core Values have not wavered throughout its history and continue to serve our team, clients, and company well.

OUR TEAM is our strength. Our commitment to one another harvests a cohesive, energetic and disciplined team environment. You may resource a project with a single consultant, but they are backed by the entire HSi team.

OUR CLIENTS are our partners. We are committed to our customers’ success — sticking with you even through the most challenging of times.

OUR COMPANY is committed to the highest professional standards and adheres to a common methodology. We proudly work side-by-side with our customers and share the common goal of improving patient outcomes in the most cost-effective means possible.

Culture of Knowledge Transfer

HSi nurtures its consultants with personal and realistic management direction. Our consultants reciprocate by mentoring client teams throughout engagements — enhancing individual and team development, leadership and project management skills, confidence and self-sufficiency. Knowledge transfer is not viewed as a one-time end of project event, but as an ongoing process to prepare our customers for future organizational success.