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Achieving Revenue Goals by Leading People and Processes with Technology and Change

Understanding the Challenge

Our regional health system client consists of Acute Care and Critical Access Hospitals along with clinics who belong to an overarching health system. With corporate on different EHR systems and the client needing to report data up to the corporate structure, our client needed assistance in USING the EHR system, comprehending the DATA and navigating the complicated waters of their inpatient and ambulatory billing system all while needing to feel competent and confident with their reported data. Performance goals were undefined and not measurable. Staff closest to the daily work didn’t know what was currently happening and why. Each hospital within the region defined their own workflows, processes and reporting needs. Even while working harder, tasks and goals were not being completed. Supplementing the overall problem, a knowledge deficit of the EHR’s features and functions were creating process problems and technical difficulties.

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