Value Management Service

Value Management Service


When dealing with unprecedented changes in the healthcare industry, one of the most significant hurdles is to manage change and drive value. Hospitals and clinics are launching many initiatives to address the challenges—all entailing huge budgets and careful planning and management. From EMR implementation and optimization to value based purchasing and beyond, many organizations are not prepared to sort out the costs, benefits and risks needed to monitor and sustain positive outcomes.


Health Systems informatics (HSi) is dedicated to delivering high quality consulting and support services to enable healthcare organizations to manage change and achieve their business, operational and clinical goals.

As healthcare pushes toward pay-for-performance and value based purchasing marketplace, many systems are still living in an era of simple claims processing. In our new marketplace, focus will be on outcomes and quality. What is the value of quality? If you don’t know the answer to this, you must surely know the answer to what the cost of not having quality is? This means no payments!

As change occurs, hospitals, health systems and providers must be committed to making and sustaining change over the long term. To be successful, healthcare organizations must start measuring the value of change. HSi’s goal is to assist our clients in achieving and measuring value from their business and clinical initiatives.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are pushing toward payment reform to take the inflation out of healthcare costs. Regardless of whatever happens with payment reform, providers know the era of getting reimbursed for volume is in its last stages and that the technologies they deploy to manage their revenue streams must evolve to manage both revenue and clinical outcome measures.

HSi‘s Value Management program provides expert guidance to navigate the winds of change. Our proven methodology is a hybrid model of consulting and business intelligence tools designed specifically to achieve process and outcomes optimization. Our proprietary measuring tool, valueTRAX®, defines the required change and measures the fiscal, operational and qualitative impact of change from current state to future state and beyond. In addition, HSi will assist healthcare management in defining and measuring costs and returns based upon system and process change within the organization.

Value Management Service

Over the long term, changes must be sustained. To be successful in sustaining change, it must be measured. HSi’s goal is to assist our clients in achieving and measuring value from their business and clinical initiatives. To achieve the most value from change, HSi offers a number of services that can either assist with bringing value and/or measuring value. A few examples are:

Value Management Service

  • valueTRAX® Benefits Measurement
  • • Change Management
  • • Simulation Modeling
  • • Risk Mitigation
  • • Accountability
  • • Clinical Optimization
  • • Operational Optimization
  • • Process Intelligence
  • • Workflow Design
Value Management Service

HSi views our client relationships as join partnerships dedicated to goal achievement. Our approach is focused, yet flexible — meaning we recognize that during engagements, the scope may change, and we will adjust accordingly. We pride ourselves on listening and understanding our client’s needs to deliver: The RIGHT resources, at the RIGHT time, for the RIGHT project.  Examples of our client’s success include:

⇒  HSi advised and supported a regional medical center and its affiliates through an EHR initiative and a value management program achieving approximately $4MM in Value on Investment (VOI).

⇒  At a large urban health system, HSi provided a roadmap to track and quantitatively measure success when converting seven disparate Information Systems into an integrated solution, resulting in benefits of nearly $50MM.

We used valueTRAX® as our Benefits Realization Tool when we converted seven non-integrated information systems into an integrated solution at a large urban Health System. We achieved an on-time, on-budget, go live in part due to valueTRAX®. As a result, we were able to track and manage benefits of nearly $50MM.
Ken Kudla

Retired CIO

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